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I. Radar Signal Processing:

[1] Prof. Levanon's homepage on radar signal:


[2] Prof. Borchers's homepage on optimization and inverse problems:


[3] NOAA website providing some radar research reports:


[4] Dr. Kaplan's homepage providing some MATLAB codes for HF radars:


[5] A Matlab Toolbox for Radar Modeling, Simulation and Signal Processing:



II. Image Processing

[1] Prof. Gillis's homepage focusing on nonnegative matrix factorization: 


[2] Dr. Chen's homepage on hyperspectral image processing: 


[3] MultiSpec website providing multispectral image data: 


[4] Prof. Ye's homepage on bio imaging & signal processing: 


[5] Dr. Peter's homepage on computer vision and image processing:


[6] Prof. Adali's homepage on machine learning for signal processing:


[7] Prof. Seo's homepage on medical image computing: 


[8] ESA PolSARpro software website: 


[9] Prof. Kolda's homepage on Tensor Decomposition:


[10] Prof. Vaswani's homepage on hogh-dimensional structured data recovery problems:



III. Wireless Communications:

[1] Prof. Vorobyov's homepage mainly on communication and radar signal processing:


[2] Prof. Heath's homepage on Millimeter-wave communicaitons:


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