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Rewarded Honors
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[18] Lixin Tang Excellent Sholar Award (唐立新奖教金:优秀学者奖), December 2017

[17] 2015 CETC-UESTC Researcher Award (中国电子科技集团公司-电子科技大学奖教金), April 2017

[16] 2014 Young top-notch talent of the national Ten Thousand Talent Program (国家"万人计划"青年拔尖人才), January 2016

[15] The recipient of UESTC Scientific Research Outstanding Staff in the 13th National Five Year Plan, December 2015

[14] The Excellent Paper Award of the 13th China Annual Radar Technology Conference, Xi‘an, November 2014

[13] The recipient of the UESTC “100-Talent” Program Award, June 2014

[12] The Sichuan Province Academic and Technology Leaders Reserve Candidates, June 2013

[11] The Distinguished Young Scholars of Sichuan Province, June 2013

[10] 2013 European FTP 7 Marie Curie International Incoming Fellow (玛丽居里学者), April 2013.

[9] 2012 National 100 Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award nomination, January 2013

[8] The New Century Excellent Talents in University, December 2012

[7] The Young Scholar of Distinction of UESTC, December 2012

[6] The Excellent Paper Award of the 12th China Annual Radar Technology Conference, Wuhan, November 2012

[5] 2012 Hong Kong Scholar (香江学者), August 2012

[4] IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society Travel Grant, Germany, July 2012

[3] Reward-gainer of the Excellent PhD Dissertation of Sichuan Province, 2011

[2] IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society Travel Grant, Canada, July 2011

[1] The PI (Principal Investigator) Innovation Winner, the Wiser Foundation of IDC (Institute of Digital China), 2009

Personal information

Supervisor of Doctorate Candidates

Gender : Male

Alma Mater : Univ. of Electron. Sci. Technol. of China

Education Level : With Certificate of Graduation for Doctorate Study

Degree : Doctoral Degree

Status : On the job

School/Department : 信息与通信工程学院

Business Address : Room 242B, Research Buliding B, Qingshuihe Campus, UESTC

Contact Information : 028-61831338

Email :

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